Communities Combatting Illegal Wildlife Trade: An online learning series for the East African Community region

September to December 2020
Participants at a FLoD learning event in Kenya. Credit: IUCN
Participants at a FLoD learning event in Kenya. Credit: IUCN

Beginning on 15th September 2020, IUCN, together with the International Institute for Environment and Development and IUCN CEESP/SSC Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group, will be conducting virtual familiarization, awareness raising and training on different approaches to engaging communities to tackle illegal wildlife trade (IWT) and on the application of the 'Local Communities: First Line of Defence against IWT' (FLoD) methodology, over seven online learning events.  The FLoD methodology aims to support designers and implementers of anti-poaching and anti-wildlife trafficking strategies and projects to effectively engage local communities as partners.

These online learning events are supported by USAID Kenya and East Africa through the Conserving Natural Capital and Enhancing Collaborative Management of Transboundary Resources (CONNECT) project, and will supplement the comprehensive training course on FLoD, which is currently under development with support from the BIOPAMA  programme supported by the European Union and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States.

Please note that these online learning events are by invitation only. If you are based in the EAC region and would like to be involved please email Leo Niskanen from IUCN ESARO at

Session 1 - 15th September

This introductory session gave participants an overview of community engagement in tackling illegal wildlife trade, and explored the FLoD initiative and the People not Poaching platform.

Session 2 - 30th September

The session gave an introduction, overview and lessons learned on the FLoD initiative, including experiences from implementing FLoD in Kenya.

Session 3 - 15th October

This session took participations through the first two steps of the FLoD methodology: 1. Screening and Scoping, 2. Inception Workshop