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Community-based rangers – an effective approach to tackling IWT?

12:00 - 13:30 BST
Local scout looks out over Lake Natron, Tanzania
Local scout looks out over Lake Natron, Tanzania

Our webinar showcased examples of community-based rangers in anti-poaching initiatives and discussed successes and challenges of this approach to tackling illegal wildlife trade.

Outline programme


People not Poaching case study examples of community-based rangers, including:

  • Community-led patrols to protect forests in Cambodia
  • All-women canine handler units in Zambia
  • Community rangers working in partnership with formal law enforcement agencies in Indonesia
  • Poachers to rangers in Zimbabwe
  • Female forest rangers in Indonesia

Panel discussion on challenges and opportunities to supporting community-based rangers. This section will include representatives from Tusk Trust, WWF and Save the Rhino Trust Namibia

Question-and-answer session with participants.