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Contribute a case study or resource

Do you work on a project that engages communities to tackle IWT? Or do you know of any journal articles, videos or other publications that are relevant to communities and IWT? We would love to hear from you!

There are several ways you can add your case study to People not Poaching.

  1. Get in touch with us at about your project or a project you’re involved in.

    We can arrange a Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom chat to discuss your project, from which we will draft a case study page for you to approve before publication on the website.

    And/or we can use your project documents (proposal, annual reporting, commentaries/blogs etc.) to draft a case study page for you to review before publication on the website.

Just reach out – we are here to help!

  1. Download one of our templates (Microsoft Word) and email the completed form to For a short case study please use the 'overview' template, and for a more detailed case study please use the 'comprehensive' template.
  1. Click on the button below to take you to an online form. Please allow around an hour to complete the form.
  1. If you have any related files including publications, presentations, or other online content relevant to IWT and communities, then please consider adding a resource using the button below.

We hope to hear from you!