GEF Consultation - Illegal Wildlife Trade: A Civil Society Organisation perspective

Washington D.C.

The GEF Secretariat has open the call for applications for civil society to participate in the GEF Consultations and the 57th GEF Council meeting in Washington D.C. from December 16-19, 2019.

As per Council decision in the Updated Vision the GEF Secretariat will be able to sponsor a limited number of representatives of civil society organisations and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLC) from developing countries and economies in transition, following the approved selection criteria.

The Consultations with Civil Society

The GEF Council selected Illegal Wildlife Trade: A CSO perspective as a topic to be discussed during the GEF Consultations with Civil Society on Monday, December 16, 2019, the day preceding the 57th Council meeting. These Consultations are organised by the GEF Secretariat in collaboration with the CSO Network, the GEF Small Grants Programme, the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group (IPAG) and the World Bank, implementing agency of the GEF-financed Global Wildlife Program (GWP).

The consultations aim to bring civil society, GEF Council members and other stakeholders together to discuss the threats posed by Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) and the possible solutions to this global threat, by focusing on the active and positive engagement of rural communities, civil society organisations (CSOs), indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLC), working with government, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders.