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Below you can find all of our case studies located in Zimbabwe. Plus, everything else you need on IWT and communities, such as resources, and relevant strategies, policies and legislation from the Zimbabwean government.

Case studies
Lower Zambezi Fisheries Management Project

The project was implemented by Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) to increase the involvement of fishing communities in conservation activities, particularly to stop cross-border illegal wildlife trade.

Akashinga – “The Brave Ones”

Akashinga, which means ‘Brave Ones’, is an all-female community-driven ranger program, developed by the International Anti-Poaching Foundation in the Lower Zambezi, Zimbabwe.

Crafting for Conservation

The Iganyana Arts Centre was established in 2003 by Painted Dog Conservation. At the centre, local artists turn wire snares collected by anti-poaching units into sculptures.


General resources

How community-led conservation can save wildlife
Zimparks trains Doma rangers
‘Are You Serious to Ask Me about Who Owns Wildlife?’ Politics of Autonomy over Wildlife Resources in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe
RIP Cecil the lion – what will be his legacy? And who should decide?

Strategies, policies and legislation

Important Government documents relating to IWT

Policy and Plan for Elephant Management