Future4Leopards Foundation Project Annual Report 2017
Leopard Shield

The Future4Leopards Foundation is providing incentives and mechanisms to local rangers and local people to protect the Persian Leopard in Iran. 

tenBoma: the Anti-Poaching Revolution - website
IFAW tenBoma: The Counter-Poaching Revolution
Operation tenBoma: Getting Left of Kill

tenBoma is a wildlife security initiative that safeguards the iconic African elephant and thousands of other species living in the landscapes they call home.

Monk Community Forestry - Cambodia - Video
Safeguarding Sumatran tigers: evaluating effectiveness of law enforcement patrols and local informant networks
Sumatran tiger
Safeguarding Sumatran Tigers in Kerinci Seblat National Park

Of the estimated 400-500 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild, approximately 150 are found in and around Kerinci Seblat National Park.