Law enforcement and anti-smuggling conservation actions for endangered wildlife of the dry forest of Guatemala

The Guatemalan beaded lizard was feared extinct as a result of the illegal pet trade, until 2002 when a local Guatemalan NGO called Zootropic began a wide-ranging conservation project to help the country’s lizard populations.

Heloderma Natural Reserve anti-poaching beaded lizard program
Lower Zambezi Fisheries Management Project
Lower Zambezi Fisheries Management Project

The project was implemented by Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) to increase the involvement of fishing communities in conservation activities, particularly to stop cross-border illegal wildlife trade.

The Zambia Wildlife Act, 2015
Community buy-in stamps out elephant poaching in Zambian park
The Importance of Education and Community Engagement Towards Sea Turtle Conservation
Equipo Tora Carey - website
Equipo Tora Carey

Equipo Tora Carey (ETC) is an NGO working in Costa Rica to mobilise and empower local communities to help reduce the destruction of coastal marine habitats and species.

Scarlet Macaws - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service