African Strategy on Combating Illegal Exploitation and Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora in Africa
Illegal Wildlife Trade Review, Malawi
These Badass Women Are Taking on Poachers—and Winning
Meet the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit - video
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The Black Mambas

The Black Mambas are not only Anti-Poaching Rangers, they are also role models for the rest of the community. Whilst the main objective is the security of the reserve and the protection of wildlife, the Black Mamba initiative educates the communities that live on the boundaries of Balule and the

Goats For Hope

Wildlife Conservation Society has been working with the Indonesian government to protect tigers by protecting livestock from tiger attacks by building predator-proof livestock corrals, organising night patrols to deter tigers from entering villages, and establishing a wildlife response unit that

Rewards and Risks Associated with Community Engagement in Anti-Poaching and Anti-Trafficking
The Little Fireface Project

Slow lorises, small nocturnal primates found throughout Southeast Asia, are threatened by the illegal trade for pets, medicines, and tourist photo props.