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Here you can find a selection of useful resources on communities and IWT. Please contact us at, or complete our feedback survey to let us know if we are missing anything.

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Engaging communities to tackle illegal wildlife trade – lessons from Southeast Asia, South America and sub-Saharan Africa
Tanzania endline surveys - community perceptions of their role in tackling IWT
Summary of LeAP – IWT Endline Survey Questionnaires
People not Poaching: Case studies from Central and South Asia
People not Poaching: Case studies from South-East Asia
People not Poaching: Case studies from the East African Community Region
Using Peoples’ Perceptions to Improve Conservation Programs: The Yellow-Shouldered Amazon in Venezuela
Community-Based Approaches to Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade—What Works and How Is It Measured?
Community-led approaches to tackling illegal wildlife trade: Case studies from the Southern African Development Community Region
The Last Free Rhinos